Arabic Flagship | Language
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With the largest full time Arabic faculty in the country, more courses at all levels of Arabic, and a thriving events and cultural environment, UT’s Department of Middle Eastern Studies is now rated among the best in the country. Set in friendly Austin, our program and our University are committed to continually expanding our curriculum to help students meet their academic goals. The Arabic Language Summer Institute illustrates our continued commitment to excellence.
The University of Texas at Austin’s Arabic Summer Institute offers an intensive Arabic language and culture program for Elementary, Intermediate and Advanced students of Arabic. The program will run from June 6 to August 12, 2011 and will feature the following:

An intensive ten-week summer program equivalent to one full academic year
Elementary, Intermediate & Advanced training combining instruction in MSA and Colloquial Arabic
Daily Dardasha conversation hours devoted to developing spoken skills in Arabic
A focus on building listening comprehension skills through Arabic media and current events
A fully incorporated cultural program with lectures, films, hands-on workshops and guest speakers
A Resident Advisor to provide tutoring, advice and guidance