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Arabic is one of the oldest languages in the world. We all know for a fact that The Emirates is a superpower when it comes to money. Hence learning Arabic will definitely help you a lot.


We are the perfect choice for beginners as we have qualified professionals who can teach your Arabic perfectly.

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When you are training with us, you will get complete access to all the popular e-books to learn Arabic.


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You can take this course completely online at your comfortable timings. You can see all the things in your comfort zone.

Just 5 Minutes A Day

Yes you read it right. All it takes in five minutes a day.

Exercises Wise

Practice the lessons that we offer, and you will easily get fluent in it.

Learn Through Video

Learn the language easily with proper understanding through the video tutorials.

Using Translators

You can also use the translators that we have and translate it to any language for verification.

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The best part about learning Arabic in Stockholm is that you will never feel that you are actually learning. Trust us. It will be a smooth ride.

Arabic vocabulary


The teaching methods that we have adapted help to learn the language very quickly without many difficulties.

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Experience Arab Culture Before You Enroll in Language Classes

You want to learn the Arabic language – have some experience with Arabic culture first. It doesn’t matter whether you live in a big or a small city or even in some rural area – Arab people live everywhere and the Arab culture is present to such an extent that you might be practicing it without knowing. For instance, if you are using the regular digits 1, 2, 3…9, you’re already using something invented by the Arabs.


Arabic culture is the culture of the Arabs and it spans from the Mediterranean Sea in the north to Subsaharan Africa in the south, the Atlantic Ocean in the west, and to the Arabian Sea in the east. Islam is the dominant religion in the Arab world, and it’s deeply intertwined with Arab culture. Other faiths coexist with Islam in a very respectful way. The cuisine is rich and flavorful with hummus, manakeesh, grilled halloumi, falafel, tabouleh, etc., as the most famous dishes. Arabs are also famous for smoking Shisha (Hookah). If you live in a diverse community, and you’re a smoker, you can probably find Shisha somewhere close in your neighborhood.


Shisha is a water pipe for vaporizing and smoking (flavored) tobacco, but it’s also used for smoking cannabis or opium. The pipe dissolves the ingredient at a high temperature produced by burning charcoal. The smoke then goes through the pipe, gets cooled by the water, and is inhaled by the smoker through a mouthpiece. Shisha bars are places where customers can sit and smoke Shisha and enjoy some sort of beverage.


In the United States, the first Shisha bars were established by Arab immigrants decades ago. Keep in mind that Shisha is bad for your lungs and that prolonged exposure to the smoke has the same effects as smoking cigarettes. That is why, if you don’t like smoking but want to see the ritual of smoking Shisha, try to find some bars that have appliances to clean the air and maintain air quality. That way you will not be fully exposed to the smoke yet enjoy a night out at a place where smoking Shisha is regularly practiced.

Odd Topics and Language Barriers

…or What Energy Efficient Toilets Look Like Around the World

pArabic is a dominant language in the Middle East and is, of course, used by immigrants around the world. Including it in official documents is becoming more common, even in the U.S. Students of international affairs are signing up for classes to learn the letter set and spoken language. It is not easy for westerners, and it pays to start young. It is practical to learn Arabic these days given its widespread use.

It is a Semitic language related to Amharic, Tigrinya, Aramaic, Hebrew, and Maltese, and the alphabet is difficult to decipher in a short period of time. The written signs are graceful and elegant. You can also find the symbols on most computer word-processing software or can buy special programs for this purpose.

Our website is designed to help you learn Arabic along with any other resources you might find. You can learn to read, write, speak and develop fluency if you are more advanced.

Arabic is not as difficult as it seems if you devote yourself to it for a concentrated period of time. Like any new tongue, it requires repetition and consistency. Many users attest to the efficacy of our program. I hope you will join them in pursuing the study of an age-old tradition going back to the first to fourth centuries CE. Soon you will enjoy the art and literature of a rich culture. Think of the extraordinary mosques laden with glorious tilework. If you are from Europe or America, you will enter an entirely exotic realm.

When learning vocabulary, sometimes there are stumbling blocks. Sometimes you can’t find an exact translation or there are several options from which to choose. When cultures are vastly different, this is exacerbated. One student confessed confusion over the word for toilet. It is rather necessary if you travel. Plus, you need to know the etiquette for asking and using personal facilities. It is not as easy as “ou sont les toilettes? Or “dónde están los baños?” Then if you want to talk about “energy efficient” toilets, you have a real challenge. Sure, they exist in most countries where Arabic is spoken, but people don’t generally need to ask because you have to use what is there, low-flush or not. Imagine what a study of toilets around the world would reveal. Oddly enough, most travelers to foreign countries love to recount the horrendous public bathrooms for a good laugh.  I don’t know why this is so funny, but throw in harsh toilet paper and the room is in an uproar. This is not typical outside of the West, but it is a real obsession for some reason.

Arabic Book

Learning Arabic in an Easy Way

There are various districts concerning learning Arabic. It incorporates learning the letter set, the dictionary and a while later there is concentrating Arabic. Arabic is a Semitic language, and it is all around immovably related to Amharic, Tigrinya, Aramaic, Hebrew, and Maltese. Arabic is an official language in some North African countries similarly as 26 countries in the Middle East. It is furthermore a language that is credible at the NATO, African Union equally as the United Nations. It is in like manner an insightful and formal language in Islam.

There are different reasons as for what you may need to learn Arabic, and they consolidate as interest, because of an association or a marriage, religion, heritage, family, travel and even work. Starting is an empowering thing as the language is worldwide and it is astoundingly magnificent too.

Arabic Letters

If you are thinking about how to learn Arabic fast, there are a couple of systems that you can use to fathom the language speedily and reasonably. There are different sorts of Arabic that can be learned and this is something that you need to grasp before you even start the learning method. There is:

  • Colloquial Arabic
  • Classical Arabic
  • Modern standard Arabic

If you aren’t embarking to a specific country, it is for each situation best to learn the propelled standard Arabic. This is a language that is used in all Arab countries, and it is bound to formal settings similarly as creating, for instance, in political talks, TV, and radio news programs, preparing, papers and composing.

The learning method

Learning the letters all together is the starting stage likewise similarly as with such a critical number of various tongues. They can be to some degree overpowering, yet it is a necessary development. You will equally need to learn to use the dictionary. This will show pleasing in the entire learning method.

Arabic cheat sheets are a superb procedure for learning that can be associated. There are bilingual cards that pass on clear rules in Arabic and English; this component makes them the best to use when learning Arabic. They in like manner have delightful pictures on the front and this goes with a letter. At the back, the card has two areas. The upper one train’s letter is creating while the lower one is a trademark development to get the chance to learn the letterforms consolidated at various positions.

Old Arabic

The best strategy to learn Arabic speedy is to complement the standard and straightforward course of action of learning with other learning methodologies, for instance, the fuse of sound orations which can be anything besides hard to access at different core interests. This establishes a firm system for learning the language.

Learn Arabic flashcards moreover empower you to interface words and pictures.

Learn Arabic cheat sheets can end up being helpful. It is a great address guide, and it relates most by far of the English speakers’ words. With the right air and materials, learning Arabic has never been less complicated. Checking out Arabic music, scrutinizing the documents and besides using the web can exhibit steady in the learning methodology.



If you want to learn Arabic, this is the ideal place for you. I can assure you that you will become fluent in the language before you know it.  

-Jose M. Lange